About Casey

I am a normal person who grew up in a small town in central Illinois, raised by two industrious parents who taught me that faith, patience, contentment and diligence are the core to life. I’m not only your typical basketball mom, I’m also a baseball, softball, track, volleyball and cheer mom.  My goals in life are simple: raising my four happy, healthy children well, live each day to its fullest and love with all that I have. The extraordinary situation I faced in 2011 came with many challenges, but I was constantly reminded that God’s love never fails.

Casey Powell is also a successful fitness club owner and health and wellness guru. She started her fitness club in 2008 after working in publishing for 9 years. She is a Certified John Maxwell Speaker, Coach and Trainer with The John Maxwell Team.

Casey’s Story

As a wife, business owner and mother in her early 30’s, Casey Powell suddenly became a single mom and widow after one knock on her door. Her husband had been found dead in his SUV, shot, his life taken by his own hand. How could this happen? Why did this successful young couple and family of five, who seemingly had it all, lose everything in a moment?

Read about Casey’s battle for sanity, her children’s happiness, overcoming betrayal and bringing her broken heart to God. Casey reveals every emotion, mistake, lesson learned and deep desire she experienced on her path to emotional healing and hopes it will help heal the broken places in readers’ hearts, too.

Casey Powell

Author, Mother of Four, Business Owner